Event Rules

The event is split up into 3 phases.
Build phase: 60 minutes of grace period to peacefully build and farm
Attack phase: 45 minutes with PvP allowed but no raiding
Raid phase: 90 minutes of raid phase where everything is game.
The server has customized loot tables, with a 20x gather rate.
Crafting is instant, and smelting is sped up as well.
All blueprints are unlocked, and you don't need a workbench to craft items.

Killing a player is 1 point
You can earn lots of valuable points by controlling hardpoints.
Securing one Bradley crate is 3 points
Securing a helicopter crate is 3 points
Securing a hackable crate is 10 points
Destroying an enemy TC is 40 points
Killstreaks wil award 2 points ever 5 kills at a 10 or more killstreak.
You can potentially earn up to 40 points for defending a raid.
Once an enemy team breaks one of your building blocks attached to your base the raid timer will begin and your team will start to earn points for defending. You will be able to earn a maximum of 40 points in total.
Killing a player that does not have a sash will not grant any points.
What this means is that if a player does not have a weapon or any gear and they're killed- your team will not be awarded anything.

TC's must be visible and accessible at all times during the event
Hiding the TC behind any placeable object, sealing the TC off, or putting it behind a bunker is not permitted.
Your TC must be directly behind a door/window/ladder hatch, with a direct path to said location, that is able to be traversed regardless of height. It must also be passable and accessible so a player can stand where the TC once stood when destroyed without the destruction of any entity

Your base must be finished before the end of the build phase as any expansions made after this point will not be permitted. These restrictions only apply to building blocks such as foundations, walls, floors, door frames, etc. Deployables are not restricted.
If your TC is placed where you do not want it, you can run the command /destroy_tc to remove it and allow for replacement.

During the grace period we do not allow:
- Any sort of damage to others. (Includes helicopters, ..)
- Any sort of griefing to others. (E.g. Landing/crashing helicopters on a team's base to block them from building.)

You're not allowed to build more than one base. This includes:
FOBs, raid bases, PVP bases, and twig towers. However, we do allow foundations to be placed along with beds- walls are not permitted with the exception of high walls surrounding the foundations.

During the entire event we do not allow:
- Any form of cheating, exploiting, stream sniping.
- Toxicity, racism, or malicious actions.
- Allying or aiding other teams in any way.

Each team is permitted 1 Base with:
- 1 Layer of compound, no more.
- 1 Layer of metal barricades, no more.
- 3 Auto turrets, 1 shotgun trap, 1 flame turrets.

Each team is permitted 1 TC (No External TC's) with:
- 1 Glass window directly in front of the TC. (You can use it elsewhere in base also)

We do not allow:
- Windows being used as doors.
- Bunker base designs.
- Funneling (Extremely small Points of Entry in compound)
- Sealing off your TC.

Placing your TC in the middle of your base is obvious, try placing it in a less obvious spot that follows our rules.

16x scope (Completely removed)
8x scope (Completely removed)
Grenade launcher (Completely removed)
HE grenade (Completely removed)
Satchels (Completely removed)
Smoke grenade (Completely removed)
Auto turret (Limited to 3 max per base)
Batteries (Completely removed)
L96 (Completely removed)
Incendinary 5.56 ammo, pistol ammo, and rockets (Completely removed)
Land mine (Completely removed)
Sam site (Completely removed)
Sam ammo (Completely removed)
Shotgun traps (Limited to 1 max per base)
Snap traps (Completely removed)
Windmill (Completely removed)
Solar panels (Completely removed)
Heavy plate armor (Completely removed)
Computer station (completely removed)
Spikes (completely removed)
Silencers (completely removed)